Two-Way Tilting

Wash-Tech Washer Extractor Model T2W-7115TS essay helper
250 Lb. Two-Way Tilting

Standard Features:

  • Air bag soft mount design washer extractor
  • Vibration isolation design with air bags and shock suspension
  • Heavy rigid H-frame and pillow block bearings
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  • Inverter driven single motor design 30hp high efficiency motor
  • Two way tilt design with air bag system
  • Washer cylinder 51.5ai??? x 33.5ai??? 42 cuft
  • Variable speed wash and extract 650rpm at 308 G-factor
  • Water fill valves stainless air actuated 2 inc.
  • Steam fill valve stainless air actuated 1inc.
  • Controls factory PLC controller
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  • Standard Voltage 240/3/60 or 480/3/60